I also LOVE

my internship! I had my first day at the literary agency today. It was slightly overwhelming but only because they have so many specific ways of doing things, but I loved it. I always has something to do (I HATE being idle at work…it’s the worst! I’d much rather be running around than sitting there staring off into space and wishing I were in bed), and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well!

I got to read about 30 query letters from authors (you won’t believe the kinds of books people pitch! One guy even sent in a photo collage of him with his two ex-wives, and he was gross. And totally sexist. Another guy couldn’t even write a proper query letter, or just had no idea how to use spellcheck/grammar check.), and the tricky part there was I had to write comments on them on why I thought it might be good for publishing or why it’s total crap. Sometimes I got a little cheeky, writing things like “science fiction-romance-paranormal-mystery-thriller? Really?”, and some of them I had to spend a few minutes thinking about a particular reason as to why I didn’t like it. Sometimes, you just don’t!

Anyway, the girl that was training me also looked over all my comments to make sure I didn’t reject anything good or say maybe to anything bad, but she said that for the most part she agreed with my comments, and wrote little notes under my comments on the maybes, which I haven’t had time to read yet but will get to tomorrow.

I also got some ‘homework’ – I have 3 sample chapters to read, that the head of the agency wants me to read and write a report on, though I am way too tired to do any reading tonight, and I also have a full manuscript to read for next week and also write a report on (although I was told that if it was utter crap and I couldn’t get past halfway, that’s ok too, I just have to tell them!). 🙂 I love it! I feel like I have an actual job. Now if only I were getting paid…

But still, it’s a great experience and I’m really enjoying it so far, although the filing bit is the bit that confuses me since it’s so intricate. Got a stack of papers to sort through tomorrow, which I already did an initial sorting into two folders and now have to go through and alphabetize and group things together by how they’ll be filed. I also get to sit in on a weekly meeting with the head of the agency tomorrow, and I met the two people who run the place and both were really nice.

I just have to say, working with books definitely feels right. I’m feeling happy and fulfilled about my work there, even though it’s only been a day. And I’m excited! The only thing is that I so had the urge to take a pencil and start editing query letters or chapter samples, or scribble notes in margins. I think I’m still inclined to be an editor, but the agency side is proving to be really fun too. 🙂 Yay!


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  1. yea!!!

    when you see my name come across your desk, be kind.


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