I am addicted to Veronica Mars. I have an ex-coworker at the bookstore to thank for that, as well as Summer and Downey, who I’ve nicknamed “The Enablers”. I might as well not even be a member of Netflix – I’ve had Babymama for over a week and have yet to even open it. I have about 5 magazines, 6 books, and two manuscripts to read, and yet all I wanna do is watch Veronica Mars!

That said, how awesome is it to be a PI? Not to have everyone constantly blaming you for everything, and her unfortunate love life (does anyone else actually like Logan, or am I just crazy? To give me some credit, though, I did really dislike him for about the first half or so of the first season. And his voicemail “inspirational quote of the day” messages? LOVE! Ok, need to end these parentheses now…) And she comes up with all these lies to get all the info/evidence she needs from various people, which I have to say all sound pretty believeable if you don’t know she’s a teenager with an agenda.

Too bad I only caught on to the show now, but at least I caught on! Am about halfway through the 2nd season and then I got my roommate addicted to the first. I guess I’m her enabler! I also randomly have the theme song stuck in my head throughout the day. Fun!

Comments, thoughts, on Veronica Mars? (No spoilers, please!)

PS. I won an advance copy of Perfect Fifths!!! YAY! The rest of you may pre-order by clicking that link 🙂


6 Responses

  1. hmm maybe i should give Veronica Mars a chance then. Her voice is annoying though! Gossip Girl ruined it.

  2. I always catch onto shows later than anyone.

    I’ve heard good things about Veronica Mars. I’ve never had time to get into it.

  3. VMARS ftw!

    It’s amazing. Did you hear they might be making a movie? YEAH.

    I like Logan too. Although I think my favorite non-Veronica character is Cliff. hahhaha I LOVE him.

    I love how the girl’s restroom at school is her “office” LOL.

  4. I love this show SO EFFING MUCH. I spent all day Saturday watching the first two discs of season one.

  5. YAY! VM is one of my top five shows – OFA LL TIME!!!

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