I still love you, New York!

God, how depressing was my last entry? Haha I’m in much better spirits now, especially since there are tiny little developments in steps towards where I want to be career-wise, happening every week, and it’s exciting! And totally reigniting my optimism and my spirits and my love for NYC. 🙂

Anyway, Saturday was spent being a tourist with some friends. We took the Staten Island Ferry, and passed Lady Liberty. It was FREEZING on the boat (I took a picture of this woman’s crazy curls flying in every direction, for which one of my friends told me I’d go to hell for it. What? It was funny!) Here’s a photo of the ladies:

And then on Monday night, I went to go see the elephants come into town via the Queens-Midtown tunnel! That night was free-eaking-zing! So cold and windy, and apparently one of the coldest nights in a long time (great timing, thanks). They were walking to Madison Square Garden for the Ringling Brothers Circus, which I think opens tomorrow.

I love when they hold on to each other’s tails and trail behind one another – it’s SO cute! Awww. heehee I did kind of expect them to be bigger though, so that was slightly disappointing.

This weekend I am going to find somewhere to go salsa dancing with a friend – can’t wait! haha


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