Cool Things That Happened This Week

  1. I spoke to David Sedaris on the phone! He called to speak to his agent and I picked up since the assistant was away from her desk. I recognized his voice right away, it’s very…unique, haha. I was squealing inside after I passed on the call, because I’m clearly too cool to show how excited I was at my internship. haha
  2. I also spoke to Richard Matheson! (Writer of I Am Legend, Somewhere in Time (SUCH a good movie!), and What Dreams May Come, to name a few.) He just sounded…old. But it was still cool.
  3. A few weeks ago I requested 2 sample chapters, a synopsis, and author bio from a query letter we received, and it came on Wednesday so the agent passed it on to me to read, and it was addressed to me! As if I’m actually a real literary agent! haha (Still, if even I don’t think it’s good enough, it doesn’t get passed on, so it’s important still to impress the intern!)
  4. This didn’t happen this week, but I did pass Taylor Momsen just a few blocks away from my apartment. We both crossed the street, and she was looking tall and skinny and was carrying a cigarette (which she was presumably smoking, although I didn’t actually see that). Cool, ey?
  5. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I’m not sure what. Guess we’ll save it for next time! 🙂

The weather is beautiful and warm today – if you happen to not work, go outside and enjoy it for me!!! Especially since it’s going to rain all weekend after- suckkkk!



2 Responses

  1. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME – have seen it a million times. So awesome that it was filmed in Mackinac Island in Michigan too (I”m a MI native).

  2. THE MOMS!!! hahaha that’s what Downey and I call Taylor Momsen. I can’t believe you saw her! J-LOUSSSS!

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