First, thank you all for the supportive comments, although I haven’t been posting lately, I did read them and I appreciate them!!

I’m feeling better, but still on the job hunt. Went on my first ‘real’ interview earlier this week, hopefully will have positive news soon! I feel like more jobs are opening up anyway, at least in the industry I want to be in, so I’m optimistic. (Fingers crossed for me please!!)

Also…I met David Sedaris yesterday! We spoke on the phone (again – and this time I corrected him, haha) and then he came by the office and I met him! I was so wishing I’d brought one of his books with me so he could autograph it…haha. Plus I’d just read 2 of his unpublished essays, and was laughing so hard about them and one of them he mentions how nervous he gets when meeting writers he admires, and I wanted to use the line that he used (don’t wanna give anything away in case I get in trouble!), but didn’t dare. Eek!

Ugh, I got 5 papercuts today from filing! So painful. Ouch.

Ok, that’s mostly my update. I’m working all weekend which will be really fun (not). At least the weather isn’t gonna be THAT great, or I’d be P.O.’d! 🙂

One more week till the walk for ALS…last days for donations! *hint* 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hey girl…I hope the interview goes well!!! xoxo

  2. found you on 20 something bloggers and thought you had a pretty interesting story 🙂 good luck with the job hunt!

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