A Step Back to Take a Look at My Life

I’m currently sitting in Madison square park, enjoying the warmth (finally!) and killing some time before a meeting with my roommate and the broker who found us our current apartment. I can smell the deliciousness of Shake Shack, but am not in the one hour wait (that’s a guesstimate!).

Earlier this week I was thinking about how much I love my life in New York. True, I am almost always working, but the last few weeks I’ve also made time to hang out with my friends, and that makes all the difference. (I had to make up for that by reading 3.5 manuscripts in the last two days, but I managed!) Basically, I’ve managed to both work hard and play hard, and it just proves evwrytuomg really is about finding the right balance, figuring out what works. Obviously I’d rather have a 9-5, 5 day a week job that pays a lot better than my current job, but I’ve managed to make my life work in terms of time management. Now if only I could find a way to make more money! (/find a ‘real’ job).

I had an interview on Tuesday for a part-time assistant job, and although it went well, the woman could tell I want a full time job. I’m keeping my hopes up in general though, since this month I’ve had 2 more interviews than I’ve had all year- that must be a good sign, no? Just gotta keep at it…


3 Responses

  1. oh man oh man! i’ve heard so many good things about the shake shack and i so badly wanna try it!!!! haha! anyway, yes…keep at it, you’ll find the job for you sooner or later 🙂

  2. I’m currently looking for something else too. I noticed there was a link to my site—did you really add me as a blog link?! Woo! Thank you 🙂

  3. finding that work-life balance is key for me to maintain sanity! best of luck with that job prospect…

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