Can I just say…

…that I love my life?

Today I was on my way back to the office and I was just so HAPPY. I kept kinda smiling to myself on the train, and thinking about how I love my job, how I love New York, how I love the people I work with and my friends here, and how right now, everything is just so…awesome.

My work is challenging but very rewarding, I work with great people, I get paid to chat to people all day and meet people, and now I’m getting a chance to grow and take on new challenges. I am starting to interview and train people, and I am loving it as well as the fundamentals of my job. I love knowing that I won’t be someone’s assistant for an extraordinary amount of time (like 12 years, which I’ve heard that someone has been editorial assistant for 12 years), that I may even open my own office and run my own business in about a year’s time.

And the people I work with – everyone is so great. I love the team environment, I love how supportive everyone is of each other, I love the (friendly) competition (although today I was called a rockstar by a couple people, and one person said, “I don’t know if you know it, but you’re kind of a big deal” 😀 (I really rocked today!)), and the fun we have hanging out in the office and out.

I love how busy my life is. I’ve realized that I’m the kind of person that likes to work hard and play hard. Obviously, the work hard part has to consist of working hard but at a rewarding job, since working hard at the department store and the bookstore at the same time was not NEARLY as fun and rewarding. And my weekends are filled with spending time with people in between napping/sleeping!

My life is now just feeling so full, and in a good way. I feel like everything’s falling into place. Oh and if you’re curious, I decided to go with the Brooklyn roommate, and am in the process of getting all my paperwork submitted for the application tomorrow!

I love my life, I love New York. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Yay this is great! Being happy at home and work is so great.

  2. SO glad things are going well for you! You deserve it.

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