Let’s say it together now: Packing sucks

So I have to move this weekend. I’ve already arranged to stay at friends’ places for the whole of September (2 weeks with one friend, and 2 weeks with another), while I continue the apartment search. I bought boxes tonight from UPS, and having already packed one, I’ve been far too hot (and lazy) to do any more packing. I have a feeling Saturday is going to be a hectic day…

I have roped my boss in to helping me move on Sunday, and I wonder if that means he’ll also go all the way to the Bronx with me at 9am on Sunday to pick up the UHaul, since I don’t drive…LoL Will ask him tomorrow!! Haha My hope is to get all the packing done Saturday, or before I pick up the U-Haul, anyway, so that once I have it all I have to do is shove everything in the pack and then put it in storage, not too far away from my current apartment.

In the meantime, I am procrastinating. I’ve figured out the cost of what it would be to cancel my current cell phone plan and switch carriers. Sadly, it’s still $94 more than what I’d be paying even if I upped my current plan. But when my contract’s over, I really think I’m gonna switch to Sprint. It’s so much cheaper! And I use my phone so much that it would be worth it. Besides, by then I’ll have my own company and I can pay for all of that with my corporate account, which saves in taxes too. 🙂 Sounds good to me!

Anyway, back to the point. Packing sucks. I feel like I also may have underestimated how much I have to pack. Although I really don’t have THAT many clothes left to pack (only all my summer clothes and work clothes…), and I don’t have very many books. Though I do have shoes.

Um, guess I should get back to packing. Sigh. (I feel like my sister. She gets like this when she has to pack/unpack. At least she’ll be visiting when I’ll be unpacking! haha Actually…like I could ever get her to pack/unpack anything.)



It was my birthday this week, and I am now 25! It’s so weird. It feels like a milestone of some sort, but at the same time it’s still so young. (I’ve been making people guess my age all week – I got everything from 18 to 29, though they were mostly around 23! Score! haha)

I never would have guessed that at 25 I’d be living in New York, starting an actual career, or even that I’d be in the business world as opposed to something more literary/academic. Never! But I am so excited about my life! It’s still kinda scary, but scary is good because it means I’m still being challenged every day, which means I’m also still learning every day. And there is so much to learn, so much to improve upon, but at the same time I’ve also come a long way from college.

And yeah, I’m single right now and whatever, and yeah my mom at this point in her life was already married to my dad, but I know all that will come along at the time it’s meant to, and it isn’t something I worry about at all. I have my family (albeit half a world away), awesome friends all over the world, and am constantly meeting new people and constantly laughing. 🙂

The main point is, I guess, that I am really happy about my life right now (even with the stress of finding a roommate AND an apartment in 10 days…long story), and so excited for the years ahead, that there isn’t really anything else I can ask for. And THAT is truly a blessing! 🙂

Oh, the joys of apartment hunting…

So I started looking at apartments Wednesday after work, and have had to leave work early every day since! (Well, just yesterday and today as well, I guess.) I was exhausted on Wednesday – booked 3 appointments all within 15 minutes of each other, so I was running around midtown for about 45 minutes, which was really fun. haha Yesterday I saw another apartment after work, and one more today. Today’s was a 6th floor walk up – cute apartment, but my thighs were definitely burning by the time I reached the top, and the frickin’ realtor didn’t even tell me how many flights we were going, even when I asked about halfway! haha

Tomorrow finally my future roommate and I will be able to look for places together. I set up 3 appointments around the city – Financial District, then Midtown East, then Midtown West. I don’t know if he’s set up anything yet but he was talking about setting up some other appointments.

I really hope we find something tomorrow, since I’m away on a business trip from Sunday to Friday and won’t be around to look!

Fingers crossed we find something tomorrow, so there’ll be one less stressful thing on my plate! 🙂

And the hunt is on!

…for an apartment. I’ve decided to go with the guy friend, after the Brooklyn option didn’t work out, I checked out a room available on Craigslist but my parents were skeptical, and another random, kinda weird situation was offered up to me. I just hope that we’ll be able to find a place together, because I know we’ll have a LOT of fun living together, or at least it’ll be drama-free, and I kinda like living with boys. haha

Any tips on apartment hunting here in the city? So far I’ve just emailed a bunch of listings on craigslist, since obviously I’d prefer the no-fee route…and this really is my first time apartment hunting here since last time my roommate did all the grunt work!