And the hunt is on!

…for an apartment. I’ve decided to go with the guy friend, after the Brooklyn option didn’t work out, I checked out a room available on Craigslist but my parents were skeptical, and another random, kinda weird situation was offered up to me. I just hope that we’ll be able to find a place together, because I know we’ll have a LOT of fun living together, or at least it’ll be drama-free, and I kinda like living with boys. haha

Any tips on apartment hunting here in the city? So far I’ve just emailed a bunch of listings on craigslist, since obviously I’d prefer the no-fee route…and this really is my first time apartment hunting here since last time my roommate did all the grunt work!


5 Responses

  1. Craigslist is the way to go!!

  2. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog… I’m actually a real estate agent and deal with a lot of No Fee rentals… and I am familiar with all areas of Manhattan and have great connections with many landlords. Feel free to email me Adenev16 [at] gmail [.] com!

  3. best option, is to walk around see buildings you like and talk to the super directly. thats how i got my pad.

    i hated cl b/c of all the fakes.

  4. I’ve found all of my NYC apartments on craigslist. For every 20 ads I replied to, maybe 5 would actually turn out to be decent options. You send out a million emails and end up with one decent place to live. You don’t need a broker. Period. And don’t even think about paying a broker’s fee. With all the info availalbe online you can totally do the work yourself.

  5. Hey, I just found this randomly in my favorites folder. I thought there was some helpful ideas in here.

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