Oh, the joys of apartment hunting…

So I started looking at apartments Wednesday after work, and have had to leave work early every day since! (Well, just yesterday and today as well, I guess.) I was exhausted on Wednesday – booked 3 appointments all within 15 minutes of each other, so I was running around midtown for about 45 minutes, which was really fun. haha Yesterday I saw another apartment after work, and one more today. Today’s was a 6th floor walk up – cute apartment, but my thighs were definitely burning by the time I reached the top, and the frickin’ realtor didn’t even tell me how many flights we were going, even when I asked about halfway! haha

Tomorrow finally my future roommate and I will be able to look for places together. I set up 3 appointments around the city – Financial District, then Midtown East, then Midtown West. I don’t know if he’s set up anything yet but he was talking about setting up some other appointments.

I really hope we find something tomorrow, since I’m away on a business trip from Sunday to Friday and won’t be around to look!

Fingers crossed we find something tomorrow, so there’ll be one less stressful thing on my plate! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I’m vicariously loving your apartment hunt. How much is the rent averaging for the apts you’ve seen? Best of luck!

  2. Oh my gosh I hate apartment hunting it is SO time consuming. Good luck with the search!

  3. Good luck! It’s so stressful finding a new place (just got one in chinatown and the excitement still hasn’t worn off!!!!).

    I had a lot of luck on craigslist last time. Anyways, a lot of my friends are having the same issue so I just wrote a blog about finding an apt in NYC, thought the tips might help you too.


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