Let’s say it together now: Packing sucks

So I have to move this weekend. I’ve already arranged to stay at friends’ places for the whole of September (2 weeks with one friend, and 2 weeks with another), while I continue the apartment search. I bought boxes tonight from UPS, and having already packed one, I’ve been far too hot (and lazy) to do any more packing. I have a feeling Saturday is going to be a hectic day…

I have roped my boss in to helping me move on Sunday, and I wonder if that means he’ll also go all the way to the Bronx with me at 9am on Sunday to pick up the UHaul, since I don’t drive…LoL Will ask him tomorrow!! Haha My hope is to get all the packing done Saturday, or before I pick up the U-Haul, anyway, so that once I have it all I have to do is shove everything in the pack and then put it in storage, not too far away from my current apartment.

In the meantime, I am procrastinating. I’ve figured out the cost of what it would be to cancel my current cell phone plan and switch carriers. Sadly, it’s still $94 more than what I’d be paying even if I upped my current plan. But when my contract’s over, I really think I’m gonna switch to Sprint. It’s so much cheaper! And I use my phone so much that it would be worth it. Besides, by then I’ll have my own company and I can pay for all of that with my corporate account, which saves in taxes too. 🙂 Sounds good to me!

Anyway, back to the point. Packing sucks. I feel like I also may have underestimated how much I have to pack. Although I really don’t have THAT many clothes left to pack (only all my summer clothes and work clothes…), and I don’t have very many books. Though I do have shoes.

Um, guess I should get back to packing. Sigh. (I feel like my sister. She gets like this when she has to pack/unpack. At least she’ll be visiting when I’ll be unpacking! haha Actually…like I could ever get her to pack/unpack anything.)


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  1. Packing is a pain, but I think it can also be exciting. I like unpacking because I will inevitably rediscover something I thought I lost (or that I never knew I had).

    Best luck with the move!

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