I never really loved NYC. My first time there was for Thanksgiving 2002, my freshman year. I stayed with a friend and she took me around Soho and 5th Ave, and I did have a good time but I just didn’t get what was so great about it. I visited a couple times after, but only for about a night or so that year so they don’t really count.

The next time I was there was Easter of 2004 with my mom and sister, during my first year in England, and again I had a great time but I just didn’t get bitten by the Big Apple bug.

September 2007 I was sent for Fashion Week, and I had an incredible time. I attended shows, saw a ton of celebrities, and in all my spare time ran around the city with my good friend L, shopping, visiting the Mythic Creatures exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, getting our nails done, eating our way around the city, and drinking at night, meeting up with various people when they were done with work. I saw two musicals, Wicked and Legally Blonde, and also went to a Modest Mouse gig in Brooklyn.

Needless to say, I fell. Hard.

When I got back to Hong Kong all I wanted to do was go back to New York, applying for a ton of jobs but rarely hearing back. I then realized I needed to be there, and started plotting my move…

I moved on September 5th, and I’ve been loving it ever since, although I still need to find an actual ‘career’.

This blog will chronicle the time leading up to the move (beginning with a 10-day visit over Easter) and continue on once I’ve moved, as a collection of my thoughts and photographs on all things New York.

For anything else anyone would like to know, email me at:


(unless I know you in real life and you have my main email address, or can pick up the phone and just call me!)

Also find me on:

20 Something Bloggers: http://20somethings.ning.com/JessNYC
Tumblr: http://jessloves.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jesslovesnyc


7 Responses

  1. oooh how very exciting! i’ve thought a lot about doing a move like this – to some new, fantastic city…but haven’t done it. yet.

  2. That’s great news.
    I’m curious to see how your transition will be. It can be a tough time (to find a job, to find a place) but it’s extremely exciting. If you’re moving with someone, the whole process will be easier.

    Good luck with everything. I’ll definitely be back to see how you’re going!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog, and I think I’m gonna add you to my links! Good luck in NY!! I’ve never been there before. It seems overwhelming, lol.

  4. My city is AWESOME! Found you via Inga who I love to bits! Welcome hope you enjoy your stay!

  5. Duuuude, that’s so cool!

    You’ll miss Asia (holy crap, I sure do!!!)

    But it sounds like you are already SUPER excited about NYC!! Yay!

  6. September is a great time to move here! You’ll miss the nastiness of August. Good luck finding a place and have fun!

  7. Hey there fellow 20SB,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello and that I absolutely love your blog layout. Hope you’re doing well!


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