One Year!

Today is the one year anniversary of my move to NYC – how weird is that? This year has been a little nuts, to say the least! Let’s see: I’ve had 3 jobs (including my current one) and two internships, and up until I started this job I hadn’t ever had time to really enjoy the city. 4 friends have visited from HK (which I love! One of them is here right now, and we’re going to Peter Luger for dinner tonight – so excited!), and my sister is coming next month, and Watson is coming again in November!

I am happy with my life though, even though I’m currently apartment-less. I’ll most likely move to Jersey for the next year and save some money, and this time next year I can always move back to the city. 🙂

Goals for the next year (god, my job is so goal-oriented that I feel like I have a million of them in my work and my personal life!):

1. Have my own office up and running by this time, and have an assistant manager.
2. Be living with my sister while she attends law school in the city (come on, Lauren!!), and be in a position where I am looking to buy an apartment.
3. Take a vacation. It feels like forever since I’ve had one. I don’t know where I’d want to go – maybe back to Spain? Or even around the US – Napa Valley?
4. Take the family on holiday over next Christmas – wherever they want to go! And first-class everything all the way. That’d be nice, too. 🙂

Guess that’s it for now. Happy anniversary to me!! Cheers 🙂


I still love you, New York!

God, how depressing was my last entry? Haha I’m in much better spirits now, especially since there are tiny little developments in steps towards where I want to be career-wise, happening every week, and it’s exciting! And totally reigniting my optimism and my spirits and my love for NYC. 🙂

Anyway, Saturday was spent being a tourist with some friends. We took the Staten Island Ferry, and passed Lady Liberty. It was FREEZING on the boat (I took a picture of this woman’s crazy curls flying in every direction, for which one of my friends told me I’d go to hell for it. What? It was funny!) Here’s a photo of the ladies:

And then on Monday night, I went to go see the elephants come into town via the Queens-Midtown tunnel! That night was free-eaking-zing! So cold and windy, and apparently one of the coldest nights in a long time (great timing, thanks). They were walking to Madison Square Garden for the Ringling Brothers Circus, which I think opens tomorrow.

I love when they hold on to each other’s tails and trail behind one another – it’s SO cute! Awww. heehee I did kind of expect them to be bigger though, so that was slightly disappointing.

This weekend I am going to find somewhere to go salsa dancing with a friend – can’t wait! haha

Playing Tour Guide

So as you know, my gbf Watson is in town, and I’ve been playing hostess/tour guide for the last couple days all by myself (ie without the help of Lo, who is pretty much my tour guide around the city). It’s a little challenging sometimes (“where are we?” “I dunno, you live here!”) but it’s actually been abgreat way for me to familiarize myself with my new home, since now I have to figure out where to go, when, and how exactly to get there!

Plus, now I get to do touristy things, which I haven’t really done since moving since I’ve been too busy sorting my apartment out and applying to jobs and, uh, eating to really visit museums and such. I’m currently on line for Shake Shack in Madison square park, and then we may go to Rockefeller and either today or tomorrow we’ll be at Guggenheim, since neither of us have ever been. We also got tickets to Avenue Q on saturday night, and many restaurants to try, including some BBQ tonight!

Yay for New York, yay for friends, and yay for living here!

All moved in!

I officially moved into my apartment on Wednesday, but then I caught a cold and was pretty much dead all of yesterday which is why I haven’t blogged about it!

Anyway, the only things left to do for my room are to put the closet doors on my closet (which I was planning on doing Wednesday night with the help of my super awesome cousin, but then discovered Ikea didn’t include HINGES. Have I mentioned how much I hate Ikea??), put together the desk chair, find a desk small enough to fit in between my bed and the closets, and find a pretty rug to put on the floor. 🙂

I haven’t actually cooked yet in the apartment, unless you count toasting a sandwich (and the toaster oven started smoking – wthell? It’s brand new and nothing looked wrong with it aside from the smoke!), but we do have internet and cable (and a really tiny tv – we’ll be picking up a bigger one next week).

I LOVE my bed though. It’s seriously comfortable, and Sleepy’s was giving me discount after discount for it so I got a really good deal for it! Woo! heehee I could stay in bed all day (which actually I nearly did yesterday…)

I love having a place to live, I love that I’m all unpacked (and organized my lingerie drawer today after going to The Container Store – it’s now my favorite drawer! LoL), and I love that my Gay BoyFriend (aka GBF, which could also stand for Gay Best Friend) is arriving tomorrow! For once I’m gonna have to take on the role as hostess and show someone else around NYC instead of relying on other people to take me around…the pressure’s on! Haha not really – already made reservations for like 5 meals while he’s here, and I’m sure he’ll want to shop and God knows I know where to go for that…:P Can’t wait!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and that we get some beautiful weather here in NYC!

PS. Who can believe I moved here a MONTH ago?? Crazy!! The time has just flown by 😀

Coming home

So my bed showed up like three days after it was signed for by that mystery person – my roommate called me when I was away and told me there was a huge package at the door for me, so I assumed it was my headboard.

I went to ikea again on Friday, and night nearly all my remaining furniture, plus a couple things for the living/dining area, so yesterday Lo and I put together the last closet (well, except for the doors), with 5 drawers, 2 shelves and a clothes rail in 4 hours (seriously, what would I do without her?). We had a bit of a scare since I measured my space exactly, and managed to find the exact measurements to fill it, then couldn’t get it in by like half an inch! After see manouvering though, we managed to shove everything in place. Phew! Quel nightmare!

Anyway so today I came back to the apartment to build what I thought was my headboard, but once I opened it, found my bed frame! Which means I can definitely move in really soon, maybe even tomorrow (after I do laundry at Lo’s, since I don’t have a washer dryer in my building!).

Everything for the apartment is coming together really quick now! I’m starting to feel like I have a home and not just an apartment, and that feeling is priceless. 🙂

Next up: finding a job!!

I can’t believe I live here

It’s so weird. I’ve been here for a week now, and the time has just flown, even though the pace is much more relaxed than I normally would have been if I were here visiting. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still definitely busy, but I’m not running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to eat everything and shop everywhere within a limited time frame.

Wednesday night I met up with my first roommate from boarding school and her boyfriend, who both moved here on the same day I did last week. They’re subletting in Hell’s Kitchen at the moment, so we decided to go over there for dinner since I haven’t really spent much time in that neighborhood anyway. Lo, Wil, and Nick all came as well, and we all caught up/got to know each other (I’d never met roomie’s bf before), and had dinner a few blocks away from their place at Basilica, which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area! We walked back to Lo’s after, through Times Square, and for some reason everytime we walk back to hers at night I always can’t believe that I live here. In New York. Crazy!

Anyway, finished up the interview I did for my old magazine and sent it off last night, after dinner at JG Melon’s (still love their burgers!) with Lo and my cousin Jason and one of Lo’s friends. Lo and I also had lunch at Forty Carrots in Bloomie’s – YUM. Seriously had a Really Good Food Day yesterday! Got to have fro yo at Bloomie’s and (so far) my fave burger in NYC, all in one day! 🙂

Will be heading to Ikea tomorrow to hopefully finally furnish my bedroom (credit card arrived yesterday, woo!), and then the Brookyln Book Festival on Sunday. I ❤ New York, and am so grateful to be here finally!


Just got back from the family vaycay earlier tonight, was meant to go out but am so tired that I couldn’t actually muster any energy to go anywhere! Great trip, and I loved spending quality time with the fam 🙂

This time next week I am still en route to NYC, though I’d be landing in about 2 hours. How weird is that? It’s all coming up so quickly, even though at the same time I feel like I’d been waiting to move for forever! (Well, I’ve been wanting to move to NYC for just under a year now, and it’s been 5 months since I bought my one way ticket.)

I’m borderline really sad about leaving all my friends and family, and really excited to start a new life for myself in NYC – and the thought actually both electrifies and terrifies me at the same time. I think Quin once in an email conversation, told me that it’s good to do things that scare you – I hope she’s right! In the meantime though, I know I’ll be crying buckets this week as I have to pack up my life here and say goodbye to everyone. Part of me still thinks I’m crazy to leave when I have such a comfortable life with great people in it – that definitely doesn’t come easily. Still, I also know that career-wise, Hong Kong isn’t where I need to be right now, and I’m only 24, I need to go forth and explore, maybe rough it a little bit (although knowing me I’ll find ways to not have to…haha) and shake up my world a little bit, plug into the electricity of New York City and all that it has to offer.

More goodbye entries to come this week, I think, and then next week I’ll finally be able to start posting about the city itself, what I’ve been meaning to do since I started this blog!