Liam and Me were AMAZING

I saw them last night at Le Poisson Rouge, as they were the opening act (the main act for me though – I only went for them!), and they were SO GOOD. They opened with the title track, “There’s a Difference”, and then went right into my FAVORITE SONG EVER, “Say It Out Loud”. I was going nuts. Honestly. The venue was pretty small, and most of the crowd were clearly underaged people (or at least they looked really young from my old-age vantage point), and I was pretty much the first person just going nuts because hell, Liam and Me are my fave band, and they were just THAT GOOD. I was jumping around, singing along, and clearly far too excited. haha Out of the whole set there was just one song that I wasn’t familiar with, but they did play Pretender which I also really like, and of course Pretty Black Dress.

Anyway after the show, Matt (lead singer) told everyone there were free CDs and to sign up for their mailing list, although Lo and I had no idea where to do that, until we kept seeing people go through this door with a very big bouncer in front and I finally worked up the nerve to ask what was going on, and he let us right through and sure enough, there they were! Free stickers too, so of course I took two. haha (K, meant to get one for you as well but then forgot. SORRY!)

Anyway so we were sitting in there cooling off (got really hot with all that jumping around and just shaking it) when Matt walked through, and I stopped him with, “By the way, I love you.” LOL I don’t know what compelled me to say that, but I did, and he stopped and was like, “What?” “I love you, ps.” hahahah Then he HUGGED ME! Omg. haha So we started chatting and I asked when their debut album was coming out (it was supposed to come out this fall), and he explained that they already finished the album but then their label got sued into oblivion, so they have to switch to another division of Sony, so it’ll be another 3-4 months. I told him that they were my fave band and that I’d been waiting to see them for a year, and asked who “Liam” is…haha. He was like “There is no Liam…or Me.” And explained that the name is inspired from The Big Lebowski (a movie I’d never seen) but that he’d originally vetoed the idea but couldn’t come up with anything else, so they were stuck with it. haha

THEN, I was all annoyed that I didn’t bring my camera with me (WHY GOD, WHY?) and said that I wanted to take a picture with him but that I didn’t have my camera and he just pulled his out, asked this random guy to take a photo for us, and said that when we get any email news (we left our emails on the mailing list, along with little notes – “I ❤ U” and “I ❤ U 2”) to reply to that email and ask for the photo! I hope I end up seeing that some day…haha

So, that was my night. I finally saw my fave band and they were everything that I hoped they would be, PLUS all the hugging and the picture taking! Woo! haha Never thought I’d ever have the guts to talk to someone I don’t know but who I admire, but there you go. haha When I told my roomie about it this morning and got to the part where I said “I love you, by the way” she laughed and said she could totally see me doing that. haha

Seriously, if you don’t know Liam and Me, go to their MySpace and listen to their tracks for a bit (especially Say It Out Loud – if that doesn’t get you at LEAST tapping your feet, I don’t know how to help you) – they are AWESOME. haha. (I honestly don’t know what it is exactly about them that I love so much – I never go this nuts for music, unless you count Christina Aguilera. haha)


Ikea Overload

This is similar to my Abercrombie Overload post back in March/April, but seriously, I had WAY too much Ikea this weekend!

Yesterday I spent a full 8 hours at the new-ish Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn, figuring out what closets, lamps, pillows, kitchen-stuff etc to get with my roomie. I seriously hate that stupid Self Serve section, yanking out boxes weighing 100lbs really isn’t eashy, especially when they contain 90″ frames/doors – I literally had to lean over the cart, pushing it with my stomach and steering it using the handles with my hands with my lovely behind sticking out – it was a sight to see, honestly.

I was so exhausted by the end of it that I could barely think, and my legs and feet were seriously aching. I was meant to go out last night but that definitely didn’t happen – I got back to Lo’s around 11.30 (12 hours after I left, no exaggeration), sat down and couldn’t get up for at least 10 minutes then hauled my behind into the shower.

The worst part? I have to go back. They were out of stock of one of the wardrobes I was getting, plus the clothes rail, plus the drawers, so I have to go back. I’m already seriously dreading it. Plus, I also have to pay the $90 delivery fee AGAIN. It’s ridiculous!! They better have everything I need when I go back!!!

Our stuff was delivered today and my cousin came over to help us assemble it (bless him!!), so we assembled 2 wardrobes (mine) and a chest of drawers (hers, and with Lo’s help as well since she came by later). I just have to assemble the last wardrobe, my bed frame, and my headboard next, not to mention my desk/vanity once I find one that I want, if I can. Oh Lordy. Good thing Lo has tools…especially the electric screwdriver!

Tomorrow I”m heading back to the apt to start unpacking, since I can at least unpack stuff into the 2 wardrobes that are assembled now. As unexcited as I sound about assembling furniture, though, I’m still really excited that my room is now coming together, and hopefully I’ll be able to move in sooner than later (though I know Lo & I will miss each other very much once I do finally move out of her place…haha), and I’ll officially have a home in NYC. 🙂

MmMm FOOD…! (and fam)

I’ve been having such good food the last few days – Saturday was Grissini (scroll down for Grissini info) at the Grand Hyatt, where I had a seriously melt-in-your mouth delightful beef carpaccio w/rocket (or arugula, depending what country you’re from) and slivers of parmesan, and for my entree had a pesto lasagne. I’m not normally a huge fan of lasagne, but I do love pesto, and this one came in a little clay dish, and each layer was thin and delicate, piping hot and just totally scrumptious, for lack of a better word! I shared the tiramisu for dessert but it was only ok, too creamy for me personally.

Sunday dinner was at Spoon at the Intercontinental (where that weird spork is from in the photo above), and I had the duck foie gras with this ginger sauce and a herb salad that came on the side. It was SO GOOD. I don’t even like ginger, but the sauce was delish with the foie gras, and it was quite a large piece and 2/3rds of the way through I had to pause because I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. Entree was the shell pasta with ham and truffle in some sort of cream sauce, which was also really good (I love truffles, and I love cream sauce for pastas), but not exactly spectacular (then again, how spectacular can pasta really be?). 

Last night dinner was at Cafe Deco on the Peak – not exactly fine dining, but it was still really yum. Had a Caesar salad to start (nothing special, but I really wanted salad suddenly last night) and then ordered the truffle + prosciutto pizza that also had rocket/arugula on top and some parmesan cheese. Seriously, if you ever go to Cafe Deco I highly recommend it.  SO GOOD. Sadly I couldn’t finish it, even though I tried really hard to! 😦 lol (We were at the Peak to show my cousin’s friend the view, but unfortunately yesterday was raining cats and dogs the entire day and at night, and the Peak was foggier than ever. From the restaurant we could barely even see across the street to the Peak Tower!)

Also sadly, I didn’t take any pics. I probably should have, although I would have felt kinda self-conscious. LoL

(No, Andre, I’m not fat. Psh.)

On a totally different note, the lil sis, my parents, and my grandma are all arriving later today! As fun as it was having the apt to myself, I’m excited for everyone to get back. I’m sure home will be really very noisy (lil sis has a tendency to sing and dance around the house, or my dad will be chasing her around the furniture as she runs away squealing “SAVE ME! SAVE ME!” lol) but it’s gonna be so much fun. 🙂 I love my fam!  

Elizabeth and James: Olsen Twins in HK

The Olsen twins are in town to launch their line, Elizabeth and James, at Lane Crawford (HK’s answer to Barney’s/Bergdorf’s/Neiman Marcus), and last night was the launch. There were so many little girls who arrived with their mothers, and that was pretty cute. I saw one ten year old clutching a hardcover biography of MK+A, aww! haha Not many ‘young Hollywood’ celebrities come to Hong Kong, at least not those admired by tweens and who regularly feature in Teen Vogue. 

I had a bit too much champagne (empty stomach, mind you) and saw a lot of people, which was fun. I didn’t follow the crowd taking pictures, though caught a few glimpses of them traipsing from one end of the venue to the other so that people could take their pictures. 

One friend said she tried on a dress earlier that was selling for $6000 Hong Kong (roughly US$750), and was made of cotton. Then we laughed and said that we could probably make something like that ourselves with a dress from H&M, scissors, and a sewing machine, and we’re not exactly skilled clothes-makers. (Far from it, really.) The collection is kind of cute, but way overpriced. Maybe they just wanted to prove that they can make more than just Wal-Mart-worthy clothes?

(Pictures from Hong Kong Hustle – I didn’t have a camera, and my friend hasn’t uploaded pics yet for me to steal off him. 😉 )

Dylan Prime

Dylan Prime

62 Laight Street (at Greenwich St.)
New York

Our reservation was for 8pm on Friday, and it wasn’t that busy when we got there, though tables quickly filled up and the restaurant definitely got noisier as time went on (the music got louder, too, to a point where you either had to be sitting very close to the person/people you are dining with to hear them, or you have to raise your voice to be heard – my only real complaint).

Our table was in the corner of a booth, shared by three tables total, which was a pretty intimate and romantic setting. Lighting was low (so low that we had to move the candle closer to be able to read the menus!), but that also gave the restaurant more ambiance.

I started with the Bellini Martini cocktail, which is Finlandia Vodka with White Peach Puree, and which I actually didn’t really like very much – wish I had ordered The Big Apple instead! – it tasted a little too bitter, or something, for my taste, and the texture wasn’t liquidy enough for it to go down smoothly. (Still, it had vodka, and I do love the vodka…)

For starters, K ordered the Beet and Watercress Salad with hazelnut vinaigrette, goat cheese and chive mousse, and toasted walnuts, and gave me some to try. I’ve never really eaten beets, but this salad was really good (thinking about it now has my mouth watering!), with both red and yellow beets. All the flavours complemented perfectly (I know that sounds pretentious, especially since I’m no food critic, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it!), and I highly recommend it.

For my main I ordered the Dylan Beef Wellington with portobello mushroom and foie gras sauce, which was really really good. Beef wellington is basically steak with pastry around it, this one came with a filet mignon wrapped in puff pastry – delish! The beef was tender and not too chewy (hate chewy beef), but the sauce was slightly too salty for my liking. Still, it was mouth-wateringly good.

K had the special that night, venison that came with wine, which I only had a bite of since I’ve never eaten deer (and don’t really like the idea of it, to be honest – but still, I had to try it!). It was tender, cooked medium rare (but looked really rare when we checked out the leftovers he took home the next day – maybe that’s why the lighting is so low? 😉 )

We also ordered the Baby Baked Potatoes on the side, which came topped with crunchy bacon, sour cream, and chives, and again, were really tasty (I love bacon. And potatoes. And sour cream. Can’t really go wrong here…)

Service was also good, never having to wait too long for our waiter when we needed him, and he was very pleasant and helpful. (Unfortunately, didn’t catch his name…)

All in all, the food was delicious, and my only regrets are not ordering The Big Apple cocktail to start and that I was so full I couldn’t have dessert! It was the perfect meal to end my trip – mmm! (Thanks K!)

See menus, a map, and make reservations at

Abercrombie Overload

A&FOk, so I had passed the Abercrombie flagship on 5th Ave a few times this trip, and there was always a huge line outside so I never bothered. (Sidenote: it’s ridiculous that people actually line up for ABERCROMBIE! I mean come on…in Asia people only line up for Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and the like…not Abercrombie!) But since today was my last day and I was in the area, plus my friend requested that I buy him a polo and I needed denim shorts, I checked it out.

Luckily at the time I went there was no line, but there was still a ridiculous amount of people in the store. The music is pounding as you walk in, and the lighting is so dark that it actually makes it somewhat difficult to see things, which, you know, might make it somewhat hard to shop! The worst wasn’t even the music and the lighting, but the smell of the Abercrombie perfumes – it was so overpowering I could actually taste it in my mouth and for the next 5 blocks I walked after I left.

I had to wait in line for about 10 minutes for a changing room (at least), but there was pretty much no line for the cashiers on the 2nd floor, so that wasn’t too bad. Still, by the end I really couldn’t wait to just get out of there. I overheard a mother saying to her daughter that she couldn’t stand it in there, and I had to agree. The only reason I even bothered trying on the shorts was cause if I didn’t, I didn’t want to have to go back to return them!!

All in all – avoid the 5th Ave Abercrombie like the plague if you can. The only thing that was kinda cool was that it was a whole 4 floors, which is pretty much the biggest Abercrombie I’ve ever seen. Still though, the music, the smell(and taste!), and the lighting were all horrible and made for one of the worst shopping experiences I’ve ever had. (So much so that I had to come back and blog about it!!) You’ve been warned…

The Little Mermaid

Little MermaidOh. My. God.

I am absolutely in love with this show! It was so good – all the songs and dancing and the stage sets and costumes were gorgeous and outrageous and beautiful, and the transitions from sea to land or vice versa were clever, and the new songs were good as well. I cannot say enough good things about this show, except that everyone should go see it if they get the chance!

The songs were performed brilliantly – they all made me feel what they were meant to! Wistful & dreamy in “Part of Your World” (my fave Little Mermaid song, btw), grinning in the chef’s song about the fish, and Under the Sea’s set was stunning, with all the fish on stage and in different things made to look like they were floating.

The cast rolled around on roller skates under their fish tails to look like they were gliding – my really smart boyfriend only realized at intermission that that was the point of the skates. haha

Sierra Boggess as Ariel kinda reminded me of Amy Adams in Enchanted –Little Mermaid set maybe it was the long red hair, but the way she was so innocent about things and singing all the time just made me think of it! She was great though – I was kind of worried that she might over-sing Part of Your World (eg. at the Oscars when “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted was performed – I still shudder – it wasn’t meant to be opera-like!), but she did a fabulous job.

Flounder’s song with the sisters, “She’s in Love”, was great – that little kid is seriously talented, and the audience absolutely adored him (me included!). He got a great cheer at the end when we were all clapping and cheering for everyone – the audience’s cheer for him went up and it was just so cute I wanted to kidnap him! haha

I thought it was quite amusing (and kinda cool) that Triton’s family was multi-racial – there were caucasian mermaids, african american mermaids, and I even spotted an asian one and they’re all a family!

All in all, I thought The Little Mermaid was worth every penny – now go book your tickets! (Or just go look at videos etc on the website…)

Kiss the Girl