The Little Mermaid

Little MermaidOh. My. God.

I am absolutely in love with this show! It was so good – all the songs and dancing and the stage sets and costumes were gorgeous and outrageous and beautiful, and the transitions from sea to land or vice versa were clever, and the new songs were good as well. I cannot say enough good things about this show, except that everyone should go see it if they get the chance!

The songs were performed brilliantly – they all made me feel what they were meant to! Wistful & dreamy in “Part of Your World” (my fave Little Mermaid song, btw), grinning in the chef’s song about the fish, and Under the Sea’s set was stunning, with all the fish on stage and in different things made to look like they were floating.

The cast rolled around on roller skates under their fish tails to look like they were gliding – my really smart boyfriend only realized at intermission that that was the point of the skates. haha

Sierra Boggess as Ariel kinda reminded me of Amy Adams in Enchanted –Little Mermaid set maybe it was the long red hair, but the way she was so innocent about things and singing all the time just made me think of it! She was great though – I was kind of worried that she might over-sing Part of Your World (eg. at the Oscars when “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted was performed – I still shudder – it wasn’t meant to be opera-like!), but she did a fabulous job.

Flounder’s song with the sisters, “She’s in Love”, was great – that little kid is seriously talented, and the audience absolutely adored him (me included!). He got a great cheer at the end when we were all clapping and cheering for everyone – the audience’s cheer for him went up and it was just so cute I wanted to kidnap him! haha

I thought it was quite amusing (and kinda cool) that Triton’s family was multi-racial – there were caucasian mermaids, african american mermaids, and I even spotted an asian one and they’re all a family!

All in all, I thought The Little Mermaid was worth every penny – now go book your tickets! (Or just go look at videos etc on the website…)

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