Picture Post

Random pics from last week (if you’re viewing this in a reader you’ll have to go to the actual link to this post to see the slideshow!):

I loved having my cousin in town! Wish she was around more often, though I’m sure I’ll be visiting her in LA and her visiting me in NYC once I’ve moved in 99 days 😉

I love my friends so much – not sure what I’m going to do without them when I’m gone, but that’s what the summer’s for! (And plus, I still have awesome friends in NYC too, but it’s just…different, since I’m obviously closer and spend far more time with people here.) I feel bad about blowing guys off (especially really nice, really cute guys) recently simply because I’d much rather spend time with my friends and family than deal with another love interest – no thanks. I have time for that later! 

Ok, off to an editorial meeting and then later interviewing the president of the Italian Trade Commission at the Vinexpo 2008. Wine tasting, here I come…;)


(Back From Beijing) Catch Up!

Back from my trip, and woo do I have a million pics! (I LOVE my camera. 🙂 ) ANYway…did y’all hear about the earthquake that hit China? I had absolutely no idea about it, since I was still in the air at the time it happened, didn’t find out until our press group were heading to dinner and one of the PR people was talking about it. It’s freakish – I can’t believe there are 12,000 people dead, all in one go. And, 7.8 on the Richter Scale! If I recall correctly, the big ’89 earthquake (which I was in, thankyouverymuch) was ‘only’ around 6.5, and that caused major disaster to San Francisco and the Bay Area in general. So, send our prayers to China!!!

Back to the weekend…parents left Saturday morning, and C-Butt came over for dinner and for me to do her hair & makeup before going out. Uneventful night, and we got home pretty early (2!), and then crashed. (Lauren she tested out your future mattress and said it was comfy, fyi.) Sunday we lazed around all day, watching Nanny McPhee and crying our way through Stepmom on HBO before going grocery shopping and then making a REALLY GOOD DINNER. LoL. Our main thing was Kraft mac ‘n cheese, but I had the idea to bake it with cheese on top in the oven, and we decided to add some sausages, salad & broccoli, and mashed potatoes and gravy. (For the mac ‘n cheese, make it like normal, then put it in an oven safe glass dish, smother with shredded mozzerella and bake in the oven at 180 celcius (350 F, I believe) for 15 minutes – it’s SO GOOD.) Pics:

Anyway. The trip was pretty short, but it was good. China was still China – dirty, polluted, and tons of mainlanders…ha. Still, I had my very own room at The Peninsula, and it was gorgeous. I was only disappointed that they didn’t give me a room with one bed; instead I got two. Wtheck am I meant to do with two beds? I am only one person… But, I did enjoy the TV in the bathroom – watched Loser on HBO while showering one night. haha

The Napolean exhibit was pretty interesting, and although this trip was for a watch brand, I’m glad that they didn’t try to shove the brand’s history down our throats or anything (as press events tend to do, with whatever product they’re promoting at the time). And I met the 7th generation direct descendant of the founder, as well as the Head Curator from the Louvre which was cool. The only slightly annoying part was that the press conference was held in Mandarin and French…neither of which are my best languages, lol.

Last night the dinner was held at Bei Hai park, where the Emperor and Empress used to dine during Mid-Autumn Festival. We ate in the same room that they used to eat in, and the food was recreated as a fusion of Manchurian and ‘Han’ Chinese food. (The Emperor and Empress were Manchurian.)

Beijing pics:

And now it’s bedtime for me – back to work tmr (ugh!) and working this Saturday as well, plus my 2nd cousin’s in town on Friday…busy busy busy! Girl’s gotta get her rest now 😉

I’m a dork, etc

1. I feel like I’ve been posting wayyy too much, but lately I just have so much to say! And there’s been so much going on online that I just HAVE to link to!

2. So many people get to my blog via searching “bathroom stall”, “girl pee”, “girl bathroom”, etc. Who are these freaks and why are you searching about bathrooms and peeing girls???

3. The ‘rents are off to the US for 10 days on Saturday. Who’s ready for a crazy house party reminiscent of Jake Ryan’s in Sixteen Candles? 😉 (Kidding, Mom, I swear.)

4. At work today I was told by my boss that my desk is too ‘plain’, that I don’t have stuff everywhere and therefore it looks like no one actually works at my desk. (See pic that I took this morning):

So what he said is obviously untrue, because as you can see on the right, I do actually have a DVF page stuck up, as well as a mini-wall calendar with old movie posters (next month is Breakfast at Tiffany’s…finally!), and some random other stuff, like the easter bunny Emmy gave me sitting on my desk. I just didn’t cover all my cubicle wall-space with things. So my boss told me I should put stuff up. Um, ok…because you told me to…too bad I just haven’t found anything else I wanna stick up (in the office!).

5. I am obsessed with my new camera. Seriously, obsessed . I took really random pics today, including a whole sequence of me making faces. (I know, Mom, making faces causes wrinkles, I know…). And now you lucky readers get to see me being a total dork:

Told ya. About the dork thing. lol But, who cares? I have an AWESOME camera (Panasonic Lumix FX500, in case anyone is wondering) that nearly cut my NY Fund in half for the month (SO never letting this one out of my sight – ever!!), and I can take pictures all the freaking time. Woo! Expect many more photo entries to come…:D

The MoMA

I took a 4-hour nap today. I didn’t mean to, it just happened…didn’t want to get up either, when it was 6.30. So much for getting over jet lag!! So all I did today was get a mani/pedi and go to brunch w/the bf (so yum – we went to some Belgian restaurant in Chelsea called Markt, I think). We walked back to the apartment and then when he left for work I thought I’d ‘rest’ for a little bit and ended up passing out for forever. LOL oops!

Anyway, so since I didn’t really do anything today, I’ll post a slideshow of the pics that I took at the MoMA:

(Written Saturday, March 22nd – only published now cause I never got around to doing the slideshow till this morning. :P)